Aid to the developing world from Hastings area churches


    he Democratic Republic of Congo has a very large problem     with  girls dropping out of education at puberty due to the      embarrassment and health risks of menstruating where there are inadequate hygiene materials and facilities. Use of rags, paper or leaves gives rise to serious infections and the embarrassment breaks the pattern of a girl’s attendance at school and inevitably leads to falling behind. So they just drop out. That girls drop out of education leads to uneducated early motherhood and statistics prove time and again that educated mothers are more aware of how to raise healthy families, which means they do not need to have so many children. Further, they are in a

better position to contribute to the financial strength of the family and all that goes with that. Microfinance schemes are also being set up to enable women and girls to manufacture sanitary protection and soap to sell on the plateau as they are extremely expensive to import.

Loaf Project is looking, with your help, to raise £15,000. For that we can play a vital role in rebuilding broken communities, restoring peace and bringing hope for the future to some of the world’s most deprived children.