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LOAF PROJECT is a registered charity (no: 293855)

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LOAF Project was established in 1978 by Christian business people and leaders of churches of various denominations as a means for churches across Hastings and St Leonards to do something significant each year for the needs of those living in the poorest parts of the world. The idea of many smaller parts contributing to something much larger is enshrined in the charity’s name – bringing slices of bread together to make a loaf. As the planning took place over fortnightly bread and cheese TEAR Fund lunches though some suggested the name stood for Lunch Out And Fellowship!

Over the years, LOAF Project has had a significant impact on the willingness of members of different denominations to work together in a common cause. It has also affected the attitude of civic leaders and others in the community towards the church. Increasingly, secular elements of the local community such as schools have participated until now it is truly a town-wide movement.

A force for good in the community Over the years LOAF Project has raised over £500,000 and sparked off several other town-wide initiatives. In recent years, GRAPEVINE magazine, produced by LOAF, has been a major instrument in linking churches together and informing the public about what God is doing both in Hastings and overseas.

We cannot totally change the world - but by working together, the people of Hastings and area can do things which bring substantial benefit to some of the world’s poorest people and also act as a visible declaration of Christ’s love to those in the town who are not members of the church