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First Sunday Walks

LOAF First Sunday Walk May 2nd 2021


Fields and Woods of Guestling and Pett


3 Miles


Park at Guestling Church [Hastings TN35 4HS] Meet at 2.30pm


Enter the churchyard by the Lychgate and walk across in front of the church to a gate by a footpath sign.

Bear slightly left down a grassy path that gets narrower between banked hedges until it joins a farm track down to a gate with a pond on the left.

Follow the track directly ahead over the vast field and down to a gap between a wetland on the right and woodland on left.

Through the gap turn right and follow the field boundary as it veers left and uphill to find a path off to the right to a gate onto a tarmac lane.

Turn right downhill to Pickham Mill where, immediately beyond the stream bridge, turn left on a steeply rising path and cross a track to a gate.

Follow the direction of the yellow arrow through the gate and head for some houses in the distance keeping the houses and a hedge-line on your left to come to a gate.

Through this gate a short rising track comes to a tarmac lane.

Turn right and immediately left through a hurdle into a field and follow the yellow arrow direction along the left-hand side of the field.

This leads to a gate at the far end of the field. This gate leads you to turn right between the wire fence and woodland before dipping down to the left to follow a grassy path across a field.

This path then dips down left into woodland.

Follow the obviously main path until it crosses a small stream on a wooden bridge. Then uphill to meet a broad track at a right angle.

Here you turn right and immediately left uphill on a less distinct path which turns right in front of a holly tree at the top of the slope.

Not much further on you leave the wood with a field on your left and soon come to a gate and stiles with the spire of Pett Church directly ahead in the distance.

Cross the first stile and then cross the stile on the right.

You then walk past a small pond on your left, turning left between log piles. The path now skirts gardens and joins a driveway up to the main road.

Turn right and walk along the road for about a hundred metres and turn into the entrance to the Pett Village Hall.

Here you will see a stile and a gate on your left. Go through this and follow the left-hand grassy path downhill into woodland. These woods will be full of bluebells in May.

You follow the path through the woods keeping a wire fence and then a wooden fence on your left coming eventually to a tarmac lane.

Cross the lane, through a gate into more woodland and follow the wide and clear track ahead until it meets another broad track onto which you turn left.

Now continue along this main track which winds a bit through the wood. Ignore tracks off to the right and left to come to a sewage farm on your left before crossing a bridge and through a gate into a field.

Follow the path uphill, skirting a copse and a pond on your left until you see the church ahead of you.

From this point there is not much chance of getting lost as you return to your car.